E-Z Swim offers the novice swimmer the opportunity to raise their skill levels for fitness or entry in their first triathlon.   This program is not intended for the beginning swimmer.  If you are new to swimming, please locate a qualified instructor in your local area for training in proper swim safety skills.


Each subscription plan includes training video(s), workout(s) and evaluation(s) by Coach Rob Snowberger. 

E-Z Swim offers four membership subscription plans Basic 30 day, Standard 60 day, Pro 90 day and Premium 120 day.  
With E-Z Swim training videos you'll have anytime, anywhere access to hours of close-up instruction.  Workouts are developed to assist swimmers with meeting their goals.  Each membership subscription also includes personal evaluations of your progress, with helpful instruction from Coach Rob Snowberger.  

It is recommended to speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Unknown health conditions could put your health at risk when beginning a new exercise program. Working with your doctor ahead of time is a good way to plan a swim workout program that's right for you.

 Beginners - Workout #1

 E-ZSwim Video 1 GETTING STARTED includes: 
      • Proper body position to reduce drag and resistance
      • A simple method to learn proper breathing technique
      • Proper use of legs and kicking to aid in distance and fitness swimming
      • How to use and select and use goggles, fins and other training equipment


 Intermediate - Workout #2

E-ZSwim Video 2 ROTATING TO SUCCESS includes: 
      • Why rotation on the spinal axis is so vital
      • How rotation adds power to the stroke and simplifies breathing
      • What is bi-lateral breathing and why it improves efficiency of the stroke


 Advanced - Workout #3

      • What are the most common stroke errors
      • Stroke drills that will allow you to “self-coach” and eliminate errors
      • Upper body emphasis, 80% of your forward movement
 Test set - Workout #4


      • How to read a written workout and make it specific to your ability level
      • Make the workout interesting and use different equipment for variety and effectiveness
      • Time management and workouts, getting the most from your workout
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