60 Day Membership Subscription includes 2 Workouts, 2 Videos and 2 E-ZSwim Evaluations.


Intermediate - Workout #2
E-ZSwim Video 2 ROTATING TO SUCCESS includes: 

      •  Why rotation on the spinal axis is so vital
      • How rotation adds power to the stroke and simplifies breathing
      • What is bi-lateral breathing and why it improves efficiency of the stroke

 E-ZSwim Evaluation Work out #2


 Beginners - Workout #1 

 E-ZSwim Video 1 GETTING STARTED includes: 
      • Proper body position to reduce drag and resistance
      • A simple method to learn proper breathing technique
      • Proper use of legs and kicking to aid in distance and fitness swimming
      • How to use and select and use goggles, fins and other training equipment

 E-ZSwim Evaluation Work out #1

Duration: 60 days
Price: $65.00
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