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 Welcome to E-Z Swim

Can you swim but not efficiently?


Are you swimming one length of a 25 yard pool and are out of breath?


Are you trying to improve your basic swimming skill to be able to swim for fitness or compete in an entry level triathlon?


Julia Stowers - 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist

I returned to swimming while attending law school.  Rob’s workouts were just what I needed to rekindle my swimming spirit and provide the variety to keep my interest in the sport I love.


Mark Neuman

Mark Newman - Half Ironman Age Group World Champion 

My daughter Allison has taken lesson from Rob for several years.  He has always been able to focus on the element in her stroke that will move her to the next level.  By listening to his comments to my daughter I have also increased my own stroke awareness.

Dan Richards 

Dan Richards -  5th fastest above 50 swimmer in English Channel crossing history

While preparing for my channel crossing swim I started to develop pain in my elbow, Rob identified the stroke problem that allowed me to return to the training levels I needed for a successful swim.

E-Z Swim Intro

Our easy to follow videos provide the necessary information to learn to improve your swimming skills to achieve the ability to swim for fitness and the confidence to compete in that first triathlon.  By using our basic drills we will focus on the critical skill set that move the beginner to an accomplished swimmer.


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Swim Instruction for Children and Adults

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